Chunky C2C Chevron Blanket

Since I began crocheting, I’ve been on the lookout for the correct shades of Florida Orange and Blue for a huge blanket, which has been more difficult than I anticipated. Despite the selection available at all of the stores I frequent, for the longest time I had only found the Crafter’s Secret Cotton, which I quickly turned into Flower Hot Pads but could not have used for a blanket. After admiring Bernat Blanket yarn, and desiring to make a fluffy blanket out of the super squishy yarn, I took a chance and ordered the orange and blue that they sell online that I could never find in stores. To my great excitement, Gator Orange and Blue arrived, and has now become the huge and squishy blanket I had been hoping!

This Chunky C2C Chevron Blanket can be made with the following materials:

Bernat Blanket brights yarn in Carrot Orange #12002 and Royal Blue #12006, 8 balls in each color (16 total) of the 10.5oz/300g size [Affiliate Link]

9mm (US M/N) crochet hook [Affiliate Link]

Jumbo tapestry needle [Affiliate Link]

Pattern for Color Changing – Chevron Chart PDF Download


Optional Equipment – This yarn management system will make keeping your skeins of yarn untangled much less of a nightmare.


The final blanket is queen-sized, measures 90″ x 90″, and is 60 boxes square.

Gauge: each C2C square is 1.5”x 1.5”

With this gauge, you will use approx 1700 yrds of each color

This blanket is made using the C2C stitch. The instructional video is for a modified C2C using the hdc, but the method is the same. This blanket uses a ch 6, 3dc on each starting box, and then ch 3, 3 dc on subsequent boxes. When decreasing, 3 sl st, ch 3, 3 dc for the starting box.

When changing colors, complete third dc in 1st color, then pull through new color when connecting to next square, as illustrated in the photos below. To know when to change colors, reference the Chevron Chart PDF above.



To spend less time weaving in ends and ultimately use less yarn, I did not cut following color changes, but left the yarn connected to pick up again on the next row. Because of this, the yarn quickly got out of hand, with more than 10 skeins attached around the mid-point. To keep the yarn organized and untangled, I used the below demonstrated Yarn Management System. It was a huge help, and saved me so much time and frustration. After using it on this project, I plan to use it on all future projects with multiple colors.

I couldn’t be happier with the final product – the perfect chunky blanket in the perfect orange and blue!

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: This pattern was designed by me and is intended for your personal use. I have provided it for free on my blog, and the selling of this pattern is strictly prohibited. If you are interested in selling completed items based off this pattern, please notify me and credit me as the designer.