Striped Granny Stitch Caron Cakes Triangle Shawl

When Caron Cakes first came to Michael’s last year, I was a little skeptical. While the colors were nice, I like to be in control of my projects. It is nice to not have to work with multiple skeins for the multiple different colors, but the inability to plan where the color changes would occur seemed problematic. In addition to this, they were so popular that you had to be quick to get them as soon as they hit the shelves, so I stayed away.

After a few months, the craze seemed to die down a bit, and I was able to see pictures all across Ravelry and Pinterest of completed projects with Caron Cakes. For the most part, these photos confirmed my negative opinions of the yarn, as the color changes appeared too abrupt for my liking when used in most striping patterns.


However, despite all of my previous opinions and decisions regarding Caron Cakes, there came a day when the sales at Michael’s and the enticing Bumbleberry made of my favorite shades of purple were just too much, and I bought two cakes without a plan. While looking through stitches, and thinking through ways to hide the abrupt color changes, I stumbled upon The Snugglery’s Caron Cake Triangle Shawl/Scarf, and it was exactly what I was imagining. So, instead of continuing to make a pattern of my own, I pulled out what I had been working on and switched to the The Snugglery’s free pattern. I followed as she instructed, other than using a 6.0mm (US J) crochet hook instead of 6.5mm.


While I have been very happy with the way this pattern worked with the Caron Cakes yarn, I will have to see how my opinion changes as I continue to have and wear this shawl. It’s very different from anything I’ve made or owned before, but I’m excited to have a piece of clothing that I made!

10 thoughts on “Striped Granny Stitch Caron Cakes Triangle Shawl

  1. Very pretty! Can this be pulled together a little more in the front, or would that require an adjustment in the pattern?
    I think i would rather it have a little more coverage in the front.
    Thank you. It’s beautiful.

    1. Thanks, Katie! It has a lot of extra fabric in the front, so you can certainly pull it closed. If you want it to stay closed as is, you’d have to hold or pin it, though.

  2. What would you suggest for…cough cough……larger ladies, how do we work out where to put the holes etc?

    1. I don’t have much experience crocheting items that have different sizes, but I would say to keep “putting it on” as you make it, and once it hangs over the top of your arm enough that it’s close to even with your armpit, then add in the arm holes. There may be some advice on the original pattern as well at The Snugglery. Good luck!

  3. Kind of curious. I have quite a bit of experience with crocheting. Was very disappointed when I followed the Snuggery pattern, I ended up with something that ‘drapped’ quite a bunch at the back neck. Tried moving the arms in, out, up, down and finally gave up. Maybe my trying to have it close in the front was where I went wrong?

    1. I followed just as the pattern described, and it definitely seems designed to drape down in front of your arms rather than closing across your front. I could wrap mine a little and the back is fine, but it doesn’t seem designed to close fully.

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