Chunky Striped Basketweave Pillows

I’m always excited to have projects that have a purpose before they start, and are not just something that I want to make and then figure out what to do with afterwards. My mother-in-law has been redecorating her living room, and was looking for some pillows to go with two matching patterned chairs. After a joint trip to Joann’s, I headed home with yarn in coordinating colors and the idea to make a basketweave pillow. I am so thrilled with how this pattern has turned out. The repeats are the perfect size for the pillow form, and I love the inverse stripes between the two pillows. ¬†They won’t normally live in the same chair together as pictured, but one in each chair in the same room. Coordinating, but not identical. And they were finished just in time for Mother’s Day, so an extra bonus!

This is a quick project, as it is completed with super bulky yarn and a large crochet hook.

To complete this project, you will need to know the following stitches: sl knot and ch, dc (fpdc and bpdc variations)

You will also need the following materials:

8.0mm (US L) crochet hook [Affiliate Link]

Jumbo Tapestry Needle [Affiliate Link]

Soft n Crafty Premier Polyester Pillow Form, 12″ x 16″ [Available at Joanns]

Lion Brand Yarns, Hometown USA, in Charlotte Blue (#107), Fort Worth Blue (#109), Dallas Grey (#149) [Affiliate Link]

For one pillow: two skeins of each blue, one skein of grey, one pillow form
For two pillows: four skeins of each blue, one skein of grey, two pillow forms

Each pillow is made with two basketweave rows in the first color, three in the second color, and then a final two in the first color.

If you want to make this same pattern for a different sized pillow, ch a multiple of 8, plus 4. For each row of the basketweave, alternate rows 2-4 and 5-7. If you are going to vary where you change colors, start any new color on row 2 or row 5 in the repeat.

Sl knot and Ch 28
Row 1: dc in fourth ch from hook, dc in each ch (25 dc plus ch 2)
Row 2: ch 3, (4 fpdc, 4 bpdc) repeat across row, dc in last stitch
Row 3: Repeat previous row
Row 4: Repeat previous row
Row 5: ch 3, (4 bpdc, 4 fpdc) repeat across row, dc in last stitch
Row 6: Repeat previous row
Row 7: Repeat previous row
Change color and repeat rows 2-7 and 2-4
Change color back to first color, repeat rows 5-7 and 2-4
Tie off end and repeat to make second side of the pillow. Using tapestry needle, weave in all loose ends.

Once both sides are complete, join with a standing sc in one corner with gray yarn, and sc through both sides of the pillow starting with a short side. Sc through both sides around three edges of the pillow. Once three sides are connected, insert the pillow form and sc across the last side. Tie off and hide last end.

For the second pillow, I started with the opposite color to have inverse stripes. In the photo above, I started with Charlotte Blue. In the photo below, I started with Fort Worth Blue.

I love how these pillows look in their new home!

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: This pattern was designed by me and is intended for your personal use. I have provided it for free on my blog, and the selling of this pattern is strictly prohibited. If you are interested in selling completed items based off this pattern, please notify me and credit me as the designer.