Pittsburgh Steelers Logo Pillow

A few months ago, I received my first request for a commissioned piece. It may have come from my grandmother, but I was so excited that I didn’t care! This pillow was finished a little while ago, but as it was a gift for another family member, I wanted to wait to post until it had been gifted.

I love projects that allow me to work with graphs, and this pillow was no exception. Ever since I put together my yarn management system, I don’t have to spend so much time keeping all the skeins of yarn untangled, and I can focus on just crocheting. The only tricky part of this pattern was the eight rows that contain the Steelers letters. To keep my edges around the letters clean, I filled a bunch of yarn bobbins, so that each letter had its own black yarn bobbin, and each space between the letters had its own white yarn bobbin. This way I could switch between the colors without carrying the tails behind.

To complete this project, you will need to know the following stitches: sl knot and ch, sc, intarsia

You will also need the following materials:

Steelers Logo Charts by Colorful Christine – downloadable PDF for color changes

Red Heart Super Saver Yarn in the following colors: Black 0312, White 0311, Royal (Blue) 0385, Red 0319, Grey Heather 0344 [Affiliate Link]

Red Heart Classic in Golden Yellow 1270 [Affiliate Link]

5mm (US H) crochet hook [Affiliate Link]

Tapestry Needle [Affiliate Link]

28″x 28″ Pillow Form [Available at Hobby Lobby, Joanns, etc]

Yarn Bobbins [Affiliate Link]

Iron and Ironing Board [Affiliate Link]

Blocking Boards [Affiliate Link]

Blocking Pins [Affiliate Link]


Optional Equipment – This yarn management system will make keeping your skeins of yarn untangled much less of a nightmare.

For each side of the pillow: sl knot and ch 101. Skip the first ch, and sc into the next 100 stitches. Repeat for 100 total rows, following the color changes as outlined. Because the backs will be hidden inside the pillow, I didn’t weave in my ends, but just tied each of them off as with my Marvel Superhero Pillow.

Before the sides can be connected together, they each must be blocked. After blocking, line the pillow sides together with the right sides facing out, and join near a corner with a standing sc. In each stitch around, sc through both edges of the pillow, putting 3 sc into the corner stitches. Once you have crocheted around three sides, put in the pillow form and crochet across the last side. Join to the first sc with a sl st and tie off and weave in final ends.

I may not be a huge Steelers fan – or even a football fan in general – but I was so happy with how this pillow turned out!

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: This pattern was designed by me and is intended for your personal use. I have provided it for free on my blog, and the selling of this pattern is strictly prohibited. If you are interested in selling completed items based off this pattern, please notify me and credit me as the designer.