Star Wars C2C Reversible Tote Bag

I didn’t grow up watching Star Wars, but have come to love it as an adult. The first time I saw Episodes I-VI was when my husband insisted it would be good for me. Now I’m with him anticipating the releases of each new movie, and enjoying every bit of them. While my love for […]

Chunky Floor Basket

Back at the beginning of the year, I fell victim to 50% off Loops and Threads yarn at Michaels with free shipping, and ordered six skeins of multicolored chunky yarn with no plan. For months, this yarn has been sitting on my shelf without a plan. For a while, I felt like I should have […]

Pittsburgh Steelers Logo Pillow

A few months ago, I received my first request for a commissioned piece. It may have come from my grandmother, but I was so excited that I didn’t care! This pillow was finished a little while ago, but as it was a gift for another family member, I wanted to wait to post until it […]

One Green Frog Lovey

Last weekend, I set out to make a Lovey for a little girl who loves the book One Green Frog by Yvonne Hooker. By the time I decided to start making it, I had only a few days until I wanted to gift it, so I went with a simple granny square blanket, and a […]

Sophie’s Universe

When I started making Sophie’s Universe almost ten months ago, I don’t think I knew what I had gotten myself into. Two weeks into the project, I had already completed¬†Sophie’s Garden, posted a few pictures, and wrote a little about how I’d made my color choices up to that point. The more I’ve worked on […]

Moss Stitch Striped Throw

One of my favorite things about learning to crochet is having the ability to make nice gifts for my friends and family. Being able to use a skill of mine to create something for someone that is different and more personalized than what can be bought has been such a joy. The only negative side […]

Chunky Striped Basketweave Pillows

I’m always excited to have projects that have a purpose before they start, and are not just something that I want to make and then figure out what to do with afterwards. My mother-in-law has been redecorating her living room, and was looking for some pillows to go with two matching patterned chairs. After a […]

Pokemon Nintendo Switch Dock Cover

Shortly after we got the Nintendo Switch a couple months ago, a few reports came out of screens getting scratched from the dock. After seeing different solutions, I was inspired to crochet a dock cover. I found some yarn thin enough to protect the Switch screen without forcing the dock into the wrong position while […]

Summer Drawstring Backpack

Although summer isn’t quite here yet, it certainly feels like it in Florida. Summer seems to bring with it long days where I’d rather have my bag on my back and out of the way, while still needing enough space to carry everything. I’d seen Make & Do Crew’s Suzette Stitch¬†across Pinterest, and have been […]

Chunky C2C Chevron Blanket

Since I began crocheting, I’ve been on the lookout for the correct shades of Florida Orange and Blue for a huge blanket, which has been more difficult than I anticipated. Despite the selection available at all of the stores I frequent, for the longest time I had only found the Crafter’s Secret Cotton, which I […]