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Living in the South, I have fully embraced cold coffee as the way to go. Only recently have I turned to cold-brew, and I have been so happy with my Filtron system. I chose it based on a review at the The Sweethome/The Wirecutter (when I had no one to give a personal recommendation), and their system for testing products is so intense and precise, that I will essentially trust anything they recommend. Same goes for the coffee grinder; since it is harder to get a good coarse ground, the grinder is important.



Tervis Tumblers

Floridians can be a little bit crazy about their Tervises, and although I don’t claim to be a Floridian, it is one aspect of Floridians that I will claim. They are just the perfect tumbler, available in several sizes and in just about any design you could want. I hope to one day replace my entire kitchen cabinet of cups with Tervises. Below is my most recently purchased Florida Gator Tervis, but you can search their entire collection on their website.