Lifestyle Products I Love

Camera Supplies

For all of my photos and videos on my blog, I either use my iPhone, or a Canon Rebel XSi that I’ve had for close to ten years now. I’m sure you could get a brand new camera that would take great photos, but as long as it’s in good condition, you can still get great photos from DSLR cameras that are several years old. At the time, I felt like I spent too much on my camera and I didn’t use it enough, but spreading the cost over all the years I’ve used it, I’ve been so pleased with it. I don’t get great natural light in my apartment due to the directions of the windows and surrounding trees. Because of this, having a tripod makes a huge difference. You can get really fancy ones for all ranges of prices, but I’ve been really happy with this budget AmazonBasics tripod. For shooting videos with my phone, the Joby tripod has been really easy to use, and works well for setting up to capture my hands working without blocking my view.


Personal Electronics

There are some things in life that I would buy a thousand times over, and my kindle is one of them. I love reading, and I don’t have anything against paper books, but the convenience of having all my books in the same place, and the ease of carrying it with me and reading anywhere just can’t be beat.

I’ve had various smart watches and fitness trackers over the past several years, and I was so excited when the Apple Watch dropped in price to the point where it didn’t seem so much more expensive than similar options. The functionality is great, it’s comfortable to wear, and the seamless synching with my iPhone can’t be beat.