Sewing Products I Love

Janome Sewing Machine

It is hard to find a good sewing machine. A lot of the new ones are not made as well, which can be frustrating. I have been fortunate to have a mother who sews and knows how to find a good machine. The one I have now came from Craigslist, and is probably at least fifteen years old. It is Janome MC3000, and it is no longer being made. If you look on their website, they have a few machines that are the updated versions of it, and they look to be pretty good, but I am hesitant to post them because like I want this recommendation to be, I don’t have personal experience with those machines. However, as a brand, Janome is well-made, and I have loved my machine.



For cutting, it is so nice to have a board with straight lines and measurements of so many sizes, because it only makes things simpler for you, and the translucent gridded straight edge is awesome. Also, for many projects, rotary cutters are fantastic, but they can not always replace trusty scissors.