Superheroes and Charts

UPDATE! Completed projects with these squares: Marvel Superhero Pillow, DC Superhero Pillow, Batman Wall Hanging

For several months now, I’ve had a project slowly in the works to make a Superhero blanket, with all of my and my husband’s favorite superhero logos. After spending many weeks making the charts, I went back and forth as to how to actually complete the project. After finally deciding on sc intarsia, I’ve started working on the blanket. There is still much more to be done, but here is a sneak-peek of the first completed square, The Flash, as well as some digital downloads.

Superhero Logos PDF | Included in this download are charts for the logos of Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, and The Flash.

Although the blanket is still a work-in-progress, all 25 of the charts are available on my Etsy page for download for your own projects. The squares are 50×50, and can be combined to make things other than blankets, such as pillows. Stay tuned to see how the blanket turns out!

If you decide to make something with these charts, I would love to see what you have done, so please visit my Facebook, and show me what you’ve made!

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: These designs are intended for your personal use. The sharing or selling of these charts is strictly prohibited. If you are interested in selling completed items based off these charts, please notify me and credit me as the designer.

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    1. Hello! There is a hyperlink above for “Superhero Logos PDF” that allows you to download The Flash logo chart, along with Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. They are available for free download, and any additional logo charts can be purchased through Etsy. Enjoy!

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