DC Superhero Pillow

UPDATE! The complete instructions for making this pillow are now available with the Marvel Superhero Pillow, as discussed below.

Almost three months ago, I posted a sneak peak of my superhero squares that were on their way towards becoming a blanket. As you can see, this is not a blanket. After I had made four of the intended 25 squares, I made a hard decision and changed direction. I was a lot of hours into a project that I was still nowhere close to being done with. And honestly, I didn’t want to make it anymore. When I started this project back at the beginning of the year, I had a great vision of what I wanted it to be. But, the more I worked on the squares, the more I felt like I didn’t actually want a giant superhero blanket. I live in Florida. It’s almost never cold here, and I already have more blankets than I can use. For the sake of the colors, I chose Red Heart Super Saver, which I’ve been very happy with, but the more I work on Sophie’s Universe with I Love This Cotton Yarn, the acrylic seems so scratchy compared to the soft cotton.


So, despite the time already invested, I changed directions. At that point, I had completed squares of The Flash, Superman, Aquaman, and Batman’s mask. As you can see in the completed pillow, I didn’t use two of those. I’m still working on turning my unused squares into other projects, so you may see even more superheroes in the future. But, even if they never become anything, I’m happy that I didn’t stick with a project that I had changed my mind about just because of how much time I’d already spent.


So now, instead of working on a blanket for the next year or more, I have a completed pillow, and a second one in progress. This completed DC pillow features Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and The Flash, and the coming Marvel pillow will feature Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, and the Hulk. Because I changed my mind so many times and was somewhat unsure of how it would turn out, I have few pictures of my progress. So, when I finish the Marvel pillow, I will include directions for attaching the squares to each other, sewing in the zipper, and sewing the backing to the front. If you’re interested in how to complete the squares themselves, you can reference my first post regarding the squares, or watch a video on single crochet intarsia. I also have a post instructing how to block acrylic projects, demonstrated with these squares. The charts for all 25 superheroes are available for sale on my Etsy page. I’m so excited to see how the second pillow turns out, and to have them as giant couch and floor pillows!

UPDATE! The Marvel Superhero Pillow is now finished, and its post contains the full instructions for making your own Superhero Pillow!